I am Joe Walker aka Joseph Beyanga, a road safety enthusiast raising awareness about saving lives on the road.

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Preparation for the Kampala to Mbale road safety walk starts

This week is the start of a hard, hectic, nerve-wrecking four weeks ahead of the #JoeWalker Kampala-to-Mbale road safety walk #TooYoungToDie.


On Monday I started on the physical preparation; this comes with a detailed training program that includes cross-training, simulated walks, hill repeats, tempo walks and much more. From my experience of the Kampala-to-Bushenyi walk, when you prepare the body very well, you will have a better and more enjoyable walking experience. I enjoyed the adrenaline-drenched Bushenyi walk and I am looking for a better experience on the purpose-driven Kampala-to-Mbale road safety walk.

The route planner says the terrain to Mbale looks exciting, the weather extreme and the Police road safety reports says the traffic isn’t the friendliest and the road infrastructure is a little bit challenging. But those are the challenges that our people experience every day that we are stepping out to highlight, so that the planners and policy makers can fix any issues there. The Kampala-to-Mbale walk promises to be sweet, tough and to be honest I am a little scared which is why I am taking nothing for granted and putting in an extra shift in preparation. 

To throw an extra challenge for myself, I decided to learn a new sport as part of the preparation. I am taking swimming lessons on top of a taxing training plan for strength and endurance. My old body isn’t growing any younger but my mind is still in good shape and we know the body never gives up but the mind does.