I am Joe Walker aka Joseph Beyanga, a road safety enthusiast raising awareness about saving lives on the road.

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Fitness Tips

Day One: Gym exercises double

My athletics trainer handed me the 4-week training plan to get me ready for the Kampala-Mbale road safety walk. I shared a copy with my gym trainer Ken, who’s responsible for the aerobics part of the plan. Ken, the head of the Fitness at Sheraton Hotel has been helping me to get in shape. Very friendly. But now with a fixed training plan, the tone has changed. He assigned all his other responsibilities to other trainers and focused on me. My normal workout was tripled, okay it felt like that. Dude worked me and gave me tasks which I thought were...

Preparation for the Kampala to Mbale road safety walk starts

This week is the start of a hard, hectic, nerve-wrecking four weeks ahead of the #JoeWalker Kampala-to-Mbale road safety walk #TooYoungToDie. Why? On Monday I started on the physical preparation; this comes with a detailed training program that includes cross-training, simulated walks, hill repeats, tempo walks and much more. From my experience of the Kampala-to-Bushenyi walk, when you prepare the body very well, you will have a better and more enjoyable walking experience. I enjoyed the adrenaline-drenched Bushenyi walk and I am looking for a better experience on the purpose-driven Kampala-to-Mbale road safety walk. The route planner says the terrain to Mbale looks...

Walk your way to fitness

Know the benefits For many years, I perceived any physical activity done for fitness as rather complicated and too taxing. Then physical pain I experienced in the shoulder blade in 2021, due to some inflammations led me to a physiotherapist whose only prescription was: WALK. 1, 2, 3 steps, I walked away my pain. Those simple steps of a daily brisk walk birthed a whole fitness regime and now I live a healthier life.  Here are some of the amazing benefits scientists say a regular brisk walk can do for you; Maintain a healthy weight and lose body fatPrevent or manage various conditions,...

More than 70kms covered in two days as Joe walks to save lives

Mr Joseph Beyanga takes a brief rest during his second day the Joe Walker “Safe Roads Save lives” campaign. PHOTOS/ MATOUV EMMANUEL By Guest Writer The team making the 320km walk from Kampala to Bushenyi in the Joe Walker “Safe Roads Save lives” campaign have so far covered 72km. The walk that started on February 28 at the Monitor Publications Ltd headquarters in Namuwongo started its third day today, March 2nd. Led by Mr Joseph Beyanga, the campaign seeks to raise awareness on road safety. “We will make stops in Mpigi, Buwama, Lukaya, Masaka, Lyantonde, Mbarara, Bushenyi, creating awareness, drumming up one message; safe roads save...