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“Walking is good for my mental health” – Anita Komukama

By Belinda Birungi

The chilly November 19, morning dawned with the set- off of the participants of the Joe Walker

60km Remembrance Walk: In a bid to further re-echo the importance of road safety and to pay respects to the memory of thousands of Ugandans who lost their lives or got injuries in road accidents, the walk attracted a number of participants among whom was Anita Komukama who had a knee surgery and later emerged as the fastest female walker.

A one-on-one with Ms Komukama, a member of the Twitter Running Community team gives us an insight in her journey leading to and during the walk.


Briefly tell me about yourself.

My name is Anita Komukama. I’m 39 years old and I wear many hats. I’m a public health nutritionist, author, hiker, motorcycle rider and runner. I also do public health knowledge management and communication. Recently I joined the walking community and it’s how I got to learn about the event.


Why did you join the walk?

It’s my second one with Joe [Joseph Beyanga]. I joined the walk because as a biker, I’m passionate about road safety and I like what he (Joe) is doing in terms of voicing the concern.

As a family we’ve lost many friends so this was a good way of honoring their memory.


How did you prepare for the walk?

I walk every morning and I have done so for the last over 400 days (slightly above a year). This means that it came naturally for me to participate. I also prepared by hydrating and having a good meal the day before, not to forget saying a prayer.

What were the challenges during the walk?

The first challenge I had was the route being a bit hilly, and difficulty climbing up at

Joe’s fast pace. My body was also not as effective as I would have wanted it to be because of the fatigue from a long year so it sort of gave me trouble.

Anita Komukama (putting on a white cap) pictured walking alongside other walkers on November 19, 2023.

What was your highlight of the walk?

The big turn up of participants was a major highlight. For me it meant that the message of road safety had received a big audience and I hope for an even greater understanding. I also liked that I started and completed the 10 km walk at Joe’s pace because he was really fast.

Then lastly meeting Carol [Beyanga].


How did you feel being the fastest walker?

I was excited. I actually didn’t expect anything because I just came to walk. It was also an encouragement that I have made good progress on the walking that I do.


Why do you think you were the fastest?

I have no idea. I just came to walk and remember the people who passed on so it was a pleasant surprise.


What gift did you get for being the fastest?

I haven’t picked it yet. But I got an Adidas shopping voucher worth UGX 350,000.


When did you begin to walk?

I started walking on September 1, 2022 and I have never stopped. It was prompted by the knee surgery from a hiking injury. Walking then served as therapy for my knee as the doctor had put me on rest from sporting activities for a while.


How often do you walk and for how long?

I take daily morning walks for between 40 minutes to 1 hour, sometimes longer and rarely shorter.


Why do you choose walking over other sports?

It’s what is helping with the knee. I can feel a great improvement from when I first began and also it’s what’s gentle with the knee. Walking is also healthy and good for my mental health. It’s my time to think, pray and meditate. I have made major decisions during my walks.I’ve even resumed mountaineering.


How would you encourage other people to walk?

Just start and don’t overthink it. I encourage everyone thinking about walking to start with small mileages and have an end in mind. It honestly doesn’t take much.