I am Joe Walker aka Joseph Beyanga, a road safety enthusiast raising awareness about saving lives on the road.

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Day Ten: What a day

For the first time in 10 days, I stepped into a car again and was driven to St. John’s Cathedral in Fort Portal City. Several road safety advocates, city leaders, area MPs, the clergy and regional police leadership and later the RCC joined the #JoeWalker team that had just concluded the Kampala to Fort Portal road safety walk. We all joined hands for a road safety awareness march around the city, then painted a zebra crossing and proceeded to church for a thanksgiving service.

During the service, the Dean of St. John’s Cathedral Kabarole, the Very Rev. Can. Ezra Musobozi, acknowledged efforts of the #JoeWalker team for taking up the challenge to create awareness and fight the “persistent notorious enemy engaging in a ground war claiming thousands of Ugandans”. The dean wondered why we seem to tolerate the misuse of our roads claiming many lives.
Using Isaiah‬ ‭6‬:‭8‬, he challenged all of us to step out of our comfort zones to fight for our nation. “Whatever the cost, go and make a change,” he said.

The #JoeWalker road safety initiative is a “fundamental response delivering a special important message,” noted Mr. Albert Aheebwa, the Speaker of Fort Portal City.


“We need people who can make a difference; but each one of you has an impact to make. There’s nothing good that will never be criticised, don’t get frustrated when you’re criticised,” he said.

“When we lose young people to avoidable road crashes, we are losing human capital, slowing down development, we are getting poorer as a nation,” he concluded.

The regional police commander Afande Ruhweza James Akiiki challenged his Traffic Police officers to “concentrate on enforcement of traffic regulations and leave ‘revenue’ issues to URA”.
“Some of these crashes stem from compromised enforcement. If anyone is in the wrong, let the law take its course with no exceptions,” he stated.

Referring to the African proverb, “A tree can only be bent when it is still young,” Hon. Irene Linda Mugisa said parents play a key role in nurturing responsible road users and that people are best taught when they’re still young.

Talking of teaching them while still young, after the thanksgiving service at church, we hit the road to St. Leo’s College Kyegombe for an interactive engagement with students. Remember, it is important to arm your kids with the right life skills.