I am Joe Walker aka Joseph Beyanga, a road safety enthusiast raising awareness about saving lives on the road.

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Day Six: Joe Walker enters Tooro Kingdom 

By Joe Walker

It’s been one rollercoaster of a day. We entered Tooro Kingdom shortly after 11am. We were welcomed by Minister of Education in Tooro Kingdom Owek. Godfrey Rwembebera Adyeeri and other kingdom officials, plus the Kyegegwa OC Traffic Afande Kwasibwe.
We were in Kyegegwa by 5pm. After all the protocols and mobilisation of logistics were done, at about 6pm we started painting the Zebra crossing.

By 8pm, Kyegegwa had its only Zebra crossing; hopefully it will change the narrative around road safety.
We had great support from Tooro Kingdom, Deputy Town Clerk Douglas Mugenyi, and the OC Traffic Police Kyegegwa and his team, for which we are immensely grateful.

We retired to Britop Eco Resort Hotel to a great reception and even a cultural troupe performance. Tomorrow morning, we hit the road to Kyenjojo.
The legs maybe growing weary, but our hope and energy were renewed by the very warm reception from Tooro and support towards road safety initiatives.
It’s now your turn to drive carefully, avoid speeding, and not use a phone while driving. #GetHomeSafe #TooYoungToDie